Five-Paragraph Essay Topics: A List Of Questions You Can Handle

One of the most common essay types that you may have to write is a 5-paragraph essay. It is a main type of essay and can be used for a bunch of different essay. The structure of a 5-paragraph essay is an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. When you are coming up with a topic for this type of paper there is a great way to find out what you should write your paper on. Here is a list of questions you can handle.

  1. What are the most interesting topics that you learned about this year in class?
  2. Were there topics that you learned about this year that you found really interesting? If so these are the topics that you will want to consider for your paper. If you are writing a paper for your English class, you will want to write it on things that you find interesting if there is no direction.

  3. What topics do you think your audience would be interested in learning about?
  4. Think about the topics that you think that your audience would enjoy learning about. That way you can make sure that it will be an interesting topic for them as well. It is easier to write a good paper when you are able to write it about something that you enjoy and that your audience can enjoy.

  5. What topics will have three strong supporting points?
  6. When writing a 5-paragraph essay, it is really important to make sure that you have three supporting reasons to back up your thesis statement. That way you are sure to have the three body paragraphs that you need to write your paper. A 5-paragraph essay uses the three body paragraphs to support the main point and writers will discuss one point per paragraph.

  7. Is my topic unique?
  8. You may want to also ask yourself if your topic is unique. If you write your paper on a unique topic, then you won’t have to worry about competing with the other students for that “A”. Even though teachers are supposed to grade the papers individually, it is human nature to not give two papers on the same topic different grades if one is written better than the other. If your paper is on a unique topic, most teachers will feel like you have gone the extra mile and gone out on a limb for that topic.

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