Key Components Of A Good Expository Essay About Judging

Expository essays are meant to explain something. When writing this type of essay, your goal should be to share knowledge, clarify information, describe a certain process and send out an idea. You should aim to give facts rather than personal opinions. In other words, the goal of the expository essay about judging should be to solve a particular problem and this is why you should strive to make the essay useful. First, start by investigating and then analyzing the information. The most important thing when writing this kind of essay is to be consistent.

A good topic

Now that you already know the basics of writing a good expository essay about judging, the next step will be to start writing. So where do you start? You will need to start by choosing a good topic. Ensure that you select an interesting, compelling and relevant topic. When handling this kind of writing, you will need to have knowledge on the topic so that you can tackle it well.

There are 3 kinds of topics that you can choose from when writing these kind of essays; Informative, academic and fictional. You will need to select one topic on these categories. It is important to choose some easy topics. This is because not only will these topics attract attention but they are also be simple to write. You should bear in mind that your topic of choice should be useful to the reader no matter their age. If you would like to convince the reader and also benefit them, choose a topic that you love.

A thesis statement

You should have a topic sentence as well as thesis statement. This should give a brief overview of what the essay is all about.

The body

When writing the body of your expository essay about judging, ensure that you use clear and concise words. The essay should also be written in the perspective of the second person. Decide how you will develop the essay. Will you define analyze, compare & contract, classify, cause & effect? Ensure that you emphasize the important points in your essay. The points should also not be subjective, should be factual and with valid information. Ensure that your writing is brief and concise with every paragraph covering each topic and each sentence having a new idea.


Use the conclusion to restate your argument in the expository essay about judging. Summarize the facts and offer guidelines on the next steps that are necessary to further the research.

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