A List Of Interesting Essay Topics For Beowulf

If you enjoy reading and learning about Beowulf, you may find it easy to come up with topics worthy of writing about. For others that may need some inspiration, you can find a list of potential ideas on several sites over the internet. Just keep in mind writing guidelines to help you find a good topic you can write about. Think about aspects that you found interesting on the subject matter and use them as a starting point in finding good topic ideas.

There are topics you can discuss for the poem that are easy and fairly simple to discuss. There are some that are more complex in nature, but you may be up for the challenge if you enjoyed this literary work. You can also make an outline to use to help you create a potential topic or list of ideas. Here are a few to help you get started.

  1. What is Beowulf about? Why is he considered a favorite character for many readers? Were some of his actions necessary?

  2. Do people feel a connection with the concept of this literature? (World of male domination, violence, etc.)

  3. Does religion play a role at all in this story or should it? What were some practices people may have found controversial?

  4. Beowulf may be seen as a hero, but should his character offer more?

  5. Why do some feel this story has a high level of complexity?

  6. What is the lesson you think people should take from the story?

  7. Can you relate to any of the characters or emotions expressed in the literature?

  8. Do you feel women in the story were being degraded or treated unfairly? Should their purpose have been more significant?
  9. Which character do you feel is significantly important to the story besides Beowulf?

  10. How do the three battles in the poem compare? What made each of them different or important?

  11. What are characteristics shared by Beowulf and Hrothgar?

  12. What parts of the poem where influenced by Christianity?

  13. How did the poem make heroism and loyalty special?

  14. What parts of the poem do you feel are most significant to its legacy? Why do people identify this poem as being epic?

  15. What are interesting elements about the culture of Anglo-Saxon?

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