Unique Essay Topics For College: 25 Creative Ideas

When we begin college we want to go above and beyond the average essay topic, something that will really wow a professor and help get scholarships that we all desperately need. Thinking of a creative topic can be difficult though, but we are here to help!

25 creative topics for writing a unique essay:

  1. Darwinism, is it real or fake?

  2. PTSD, the psychological factors that people are facing today.

  3. How President Obama decided, he wanted to rule a country.

  4. A study behind binge watching television.

  5. Why are young adults so addicted to their phones?

  6. How the internet has changed the modern world.

  7. Walk around a college campus and ask numerous students if they know who a famous historical person is (like Susan B. Anthony) write and analyze your results.

  8. Body acceptance, phenomena in today’s society.

  9. Feminist, is it really a bad word?

  10. How the rap industry has changed between 1990-2015.

  11. Do schools really need in enforce dress codes? Why or why not?

  12. Why are people in big cities so dependent on public transportation? What are the fallbacks of that?

  13. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, are social networks helping or hurting our youth?

  14. The selfie, why is it so popular and is it making people more pretentious?

  15. Mermaid hair, why are more people caught up in this popular hair trend and where did it come from?

  16. “Walk a mile in my shoes” find someone who has it difficult, i.e. handicap, poor, something, and follow them for a day and write up your results.

  17. Date Rape precautions, what’s the bigger issue?

  18. Texting and driving, what is behind this deadly trend and what more can we do to stop it?

  19. Game of Thrones, how one television show turned into a phenomenon.

  20. Drinking wine, is there really health benefits to it?

  21. The Paleo Diet, what is behind this health food craze?

  22. Online dating, is this new type of dating good or bad for our youth?

  23. Sustainability, how it’s helping the earth, and you can do.

  24. The wage gap, how women can get paid just as much as men.

  25. Recyclng, how the environment can benefit from it even more.

These unique topics can help your college assignment be better than the rest and impress anyone that reads it.

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