A List Of Outstanding Topics For Satire Essays To Consider

Satire writing is a unique writing genre that utilizes humor and deeper thinking to drive a point. To capture the humor is an essay topic could be the challenge. What compels a person to read your paper will be the presentation of the topic. To understand this category of writing better, it is important to examine the basics of satire.

  • Requires a deep and carefully thought-out sense of humor
  • Must use scholarly or academic style, format and language
  • It must be logical

A satirical essay topic must capture a humorous approach to a problem in the society. Satire can be applied in any field of study from languages to arts and sciences. It involves drawing relationships between objects that would naturally not be connected. While the idea makes sense, it usually has never been attempted or would make a bizarre proposition.

Let the mind wonder

To get the best idea, it is recommended that you let your mind wonder out of the ordinary world. Think about a solution that is out of the ordinary to a problem that seems to bother the society. Ordinary sequence of events does not pass as satire and will not form a good essay topic.

Before coming up with any topic, ensure that it remains within your area of study. One part states a real problem while the other points at the outrageous solution. Look at the topics given below. They are perfect examples of satire essay topics.

  1. To curb gang violence, lets start alternative vigilantes on the reigning gang
  2. Ending football hooliganism by removing all fans from the pitch
  3. The best solution to racism is to send all racists to the North Pole
  4. Eliminating currency is a perfect way to end poverty
  5. Prohibiting abortion: Lets ban sex
  6. Explore what your career offers, uncle television will take care of your kids
  7. Who becomes president, lets toss a coin, they are all idiots
  8. Lets all get guns and become terrorists, things will sober up
  9. To deal with global warming, lets go back to carts
  10. Obesity solution: food distribution according to body size

There are numerous topics to write about in your satire essay. They range from politics to sports, religion, economy, social-cultural differences, etc. The best way to craft a good topic and essay is

  • Be inventive
  • Write on a topical issue
  • Engage the sarcasm gear

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