Overcrowding and the 21st Century

Overcrowding in the 21st Century is an ongoing issue with growing concerns. This simply refers to the world population and the rate it is growing by. It is believed the world has billions of people living on it and the annual rate grows by the millions. Analysts say this could be a huge problem in different parts of the world as time moves on. Some think the earth may have issues in accommodating the amount of people, let alone the shrinking number of natural resources we have come to rely on today. What can be done to reduce overcrowding or are we too late?

There are a few countries with laws and regulations in place to help minimize population growth. There are areas that will only allow a couple to have a certain number of children. Others have tighter restrictions on immigration. A few researchers have wondered why overcrowding became a problem in the first place. It is believed it has contributed to other problems such as poverty and rapid spread of disease. Even if we were able to reduce the number of people or limit a population, how would concepts such as economic growth and global warming be affected?

Scientists have pondered at the capacity of the earth and whether it will support different population growths. This explores a number of elements including natural resources and elements that contribute to shifts in demographics. But, others feel the overcrowding may lead to better solutions. In most cases it depends on what country a person lives in and how things are regulated. There are countries considering adopting regulations that would limit usage of certain sources, or something that would encourage citizens to contribute solutions to make things better for their communities. But will these ideas be enough to solve this problem?

Overcrowding may be the problem of limited resources such as money and food. But, people who want to have a family should have the right to do so, but not just because the government imposes limits on the number of children you can have. If a person or group of people are able to care for their loved ones, many may wonder why overcrowding is a problem at all. Most of the world is too busy to think about the world population and how it has grown in the 21st century. There are other problems we are dealing with that may have caused this problem in the first place.

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