Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

People over 18 years of age are considered adults and should be treated as matured. The US is one of the few countries that maintain a moderately high minimum legally accepted drinking age of 21. Some people feel that this age threshold is too high to be considered as the minimum legal drinking age while others perceive it to be the perfect age.

In spite of the legal drinking age limit, it is estimated that 17.5% of alcohol consumers are underage. In addition, it is also estimated that about 90% of the underage drinking, is consumed through binge drinking. Despite the fact that there is the legal drinking age limit, abuse of alcohol remains prevalent among the youths.

Thus, the legal drinking age should be lowered to 18. A person by law is considered an adult at the age of 18 and therefore should be able to enjoy the privileges like other adults. Once the age limit is reduced, it will not only offer the 18-years-olds the recognition and rights they deserve as adults, but also eliminate a chiefly ineffective law that only dole out to create more red tape.

At the age of 18, one is given the chance to vote in an election, make decisions regarding their life, defend and even die for their country. It also should apply when it comes to alcohol consumption. It is not logic for people with 18 years to be denied the right to consume in alcohol. The fact is at the age of 18; the young adults can make their decisions concerning alcohol.

Although the legal drinking age is set to be 21, many under 21 drink alcohol. In fact, underage drinking is devastatingly frequent among colleges students. In the real sense, the drinking age limit drives young people to drink more alcohol. There is the tendency alluring about doing something prohibited. According to McCardell, Choose Responsibility founder, the legal drinking age limit does not abolish consumption among the underage. Instead, it only impels underage drinking subversive, creating a risky culture of extreme and irresponsible drinking.

In conclusion, maintaining the legal drinking age limit at 21 will not deter the underage who want to indulge in reckless drinking. In fact, it encourages binge drinking. Hence, lowering the minimum drinking age to 18 could provide easier ideas to regulate alcohol consumption among the young adults and encourage healthier drinking habits. Furthermore, if the legal age limit is lowered to 18, the young adults would drink more controlled and safe environments. People with 18 years are adults and can make own decisions regarding alcohol consumption.

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