Epidemiology and Population Health

Population health is contingent upon many things but diseases and epidemiology in particular. It is important to understand how the population stays healthy and fights of disease and how disease fights back when it needs. This is going to be the study of how health conditions and diseases both arise and move around through a given population. Through the analysis of statistics, these health workers are trying to figure out how often disease or injury is occurring and who is being affected. They then use this information that they have to try and figure out what the rate, the risk, and the disease levels are in that population. According to the CDC, this is the basic science of public health and how people are affected. This means groups of people instead of just individuals. It has shifted from a focus on disease to a larger broad view of all of the environmental factors, behaviors, and conditions that accumulate to cause these things over time.

There are a few branches of this study which can be used in various places around the world. Each one has a slightly different use and a slightly different definition. But each offer great use of epidemiology as it relates to human population decline and growth and each of them offer viable career paths for anyone who is interested in studying. Descriptive epidemiology is the first branch. It covers the health events which are looked at in terms of who gets a problem, when, where, how, and why they are getting it, and to try and establish some kind of pattern to recognize how a given disease is going to spread throughout a population.

Analytical Epidemiology is the second branch. This branch is the study which decides who is at greatest risk through various factors. It is focused on figuring out how and why a disease is spreading. Applied epidemiology is the third branch. This branch using the information gained through all of this extensive study in order to find some way to change public health policy in such a way that one can determine how to minimize illness. A lot of what we have learned about the length of the human life span and which factors play a large role in extending that life span by helping us to avoid disease are being found from long term research in the field of epidemiology.

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