Creating A Good Conclusion For A Compare And Contrast Essay

The two most important parts of any paper are the introduction and the end of the piece. With the essay’s introduction, you want to grab the attention of your reader. And with the conclusion, you want to wrap things up symbolically putting a bow on the package. Each has very distinct required components. With the conclusion of your compare and contrast essay, you want to restate the thesis, have a universal statement, and briefly summarize your idea. Never introduce any new facts, materials, or data in the conclusion of your composition. The order of these three important items does not matter at all. You can pick the sequence you want. Just be sure to include all three items.

  • Restate the Thesis-when you arrive at that last paragraph, you will restate the thesis sentence. It will be put into words that are different than the original one in the introduction. You can also switch up the sentence structure or even break the sentence up into several sentences. Just make sure that you restate it.

  • Universal Statement-a universal statement acts as a bridge from your content to why the reader should care. You are bonding the two, the reader and your point, together. It must make sense, be clear, and be strong. It has no set length, and should be just long enough to do the job effectively and clearly.

  • Summarize Your Idea-in about four to six sentences you will want to briefly summarize what the paper said or what it proved. Do not go into great depth and risk retelling the entire paper. This needs to be short and sweet, not a complete recap of the theme. Again, this is not the time to bring in any new material or concede anything. Stay strong in your opinion and its brief summary.

When you have finished the main points of your compare and contrast essay, you will then transition into your conclusion. Since this is your last chance to make a good impression, you will want to make sure it is perfect and has all the right parts to it. This very important part of your writing needs to have a thesis statement reworded, a universal statement, and a summary of the idea you presented in the composition. Use our guide as you write the conclusion to your compare and contrast paper.

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