List Of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics In The Medical Field

An argumentative medical essay requires you to put across a point of view and support it with the strongest arguments. Considering that medicine is a scientific course and heavily relies on fact, you will need to obtain detailed and most up-to-date information. This will make your work interesting and compelling to read. Here is a list of topics to consider when writing an argumentative paper in medicine.

  1. Focus should shift from the current medicine based treatment to natural therapies and remedies
  2. Doctors should be made more accountable of the death of their patients
  3. All charges should be eliminated in case of life saving procedures and operations
  4. Alternative therapy should be highlighted in place of chemotherapy for cancer treatment
  5. Abortion should be legalized to guarantee the safety and health of the procuring woman
  6. Cigarette smoking should be illegalized
  7. Manufacturers of birth control pills should be held responsible for instances when the pills do not work
  8. The use of condoms is accelerating irresponsible sexual behaviors
  9. Plastic surgery to enhance beauty should be banned
  10. Legalizing marijuana will make it easier to control its use and tap into its benefits
  11. The taxes on junk foods should be increased to control the health complications associated with the food
  12. Lessons on abstinence should be purged from the curriculum since they are not beneficial to teens
  13. Entry into medical school should be a matter of passion and not academic score
  14. Medical research should be allocated more resources than military expenditure
  15. Modern medicine does not make human beings to live any longer

An argumentative essay follows a similar format as any other academic document. However, there are features that make it argumentative

  • Two opposing ideas- the argument in your paper is for one idea against what is a common assertion. You are required to highlight your strong points while at the same time disparaging what other people consider to be the right idea.
  • A biased approach- as much as ideas against your stand could be strong, they must not be made to appear as such. Concentrate on your area of strength and avoid any mention of the strong points against your claim.
  • A one sided conclusion- the aim of this paper is to show the strength of your point of view. This must appear very strongly at the introduction as well as the conclusion. Choose the strongest points and use them to construct your paper.

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