Physiology Case Study

Physiology case study

What a broad premise physiology is. The word itself isn't thrown about as often as it probably should be as it still leaves a lot of people guessing as to what it is. Wouldn't biology and physiology be the same thing? Well, as in the direction of the study – which refers to studying living animals, they would be right. However the study of physiology refers to the functions and activities of animals, plants and of course humans while biology refers to the study on a microscopic level.

In order to see an example of this, it's best to take a physiology case study to take a closer look.

What Is A Case Study?

The first thing to do here is to look at what makes a case study in order to apply it to physiology. The case study will take a situation such as a individual case of lung cancer. This study focuses on that one person as the source of study to see the changes and development of their condition over time. This case might be different from others because of that individual's history or symptoms, in which case the treatment might be different as well.

More than one person could focus their theories or thesis on what the patient has or what the treatment should be and in a lot of cases, might push on them to develop new and efforts never before attempted to treat the condition. In a lot of these cases, the case study continues to be used as an example after the person, either treated or doing the treating, have passed on.

The Case Of Physiology

Referencing the cancer patient, because it has to do with cancer of the lungs, being the organ infected, would classify this as a physiological case study. Of course the conditions that force these kinds of studies are generally around diseases and infections that are prone to be fatal, they're more broadly applied when they have nothing to do with a specific body part. Yes, the function of the spinal cord, organs or limbs are the center of focus for the most part but the study of the aids virus would also be applied to as a physiological case study.

Learning And Relearning

As mentioned earlier, these case studies are recordings that document every part of the function and condition so that others can learn from it. When a patient checks in with the condition, the physician will run a series of tests to find the problem and then begins the journey of study, depending on how long it takes to complete from finding the source of the problem to the treatment phase. Many times, the case study continues when the patient has the condition again.

The Best Case Scenario

One thing is certain, while the conditions themselves are generally chronic to fatal, the fact that studies like this are supported or classified to be treated as important as they are, is a testament to the determination they have to find solutions to these problems again and again in order to help more people in need. What can one say about the human condition then the fact that it's just as resilient, if not more, than the diseases themselves?

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