Writing A Decent Persuasive Essay About Public Smoking

Public smoking is a huge issue across many countries around the world, due to its ill side effects on not just the smoker but also other people around them. In many countries and jurisdictions, public smoking is completely banned, which has garnered much controversy. It can sometimes be overwhelming to write an essay on this issue considering the wealth of research and the wide range of differing opinions on this. This article will write a guide on how to achieve this goal.

Starting Out

You need to first do your research on the topic. Read scientific papers that have detailed the effects of smoking on not just the smoker but the people who are close to them while they smoke. Also you need to read up on the laws around the world that deal with public smoking and what initiatives have been established to prevent it. There also needs to be research into any recent news stories in regards to public smoking,


Your paper should follow a simple layout as to not confuse your reader. You need to take a viewpoint and stick to it. For example, if you are against public smoking, you should focus more on the cons and disadvantages of public smoking, however you have to maintain some form of impartiality as an essay focusing entirely on your point of view bashing public smoking may put off readers, and not come across as persuasive. To negate this, you have to also discuss some of the concerns with banning public smoking, but then in the same breath countering this and saying why you do not agree with that certain perceived disadvantage.

Make sure to reference plenty of research that backs up your point of view, including many scientific studies looking at the ill effects of public smoking. Also ensure that real life news stories and examples are used to further justify your viewpoint.

The layout should follow something such as:

  • Introduction
  • Main body of text, this is where you specify why you have the opinion you do with links to plenty of studies and news stories.
  • Conclusion – wrap up your point very strongly.

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