Need Help with Illustration Essay Topic?

We can help you if you are unable to come up with a good topic for your illustration essay. An Illustration paper should provide interesting descriptions along with the illustrations.

Various Topic Suggestions for Illustration Essay

  • Sports: You can choose to write on the role of the coach and how he is capable to turn a football match around, you can take up swimming as a topic and discuss the various stores of a champion swimmer, team-work is another essential topic you can discuss on.
  • Food: this topic gives you the ides to write upon various cuisines followed by different regions or countries, you can illustrate a cook’s skills and mention cookbooks that are the bestsellers etc.
  • Medical: Many consider medicine as a very depressing topic but you can change the perception by presenting a different viewpoint. You can write on a serious disease like organ transplantation and how their loved ones saved their lives and live happily. Various stories can form a good illustrative essay.
  • Social Issue: You can take up a social issue and visit various NGO and take leads from there to present various illustrations of your research on your topic.
  • Traffic Rules: Through this topic you can present a very informative essay backed up with various relevant illustrations that will make the readers more aware.

Tips Before Beginning to Write

Here are some tips to assist you how to begin with your essay writing:

  • Do not be confused with all the research materials collected. Write down all the information in bullet form.
  • Organize the points.
  • Add the illustrations properly and in brief. If an illustration is too length then you will not be able to mention the other illustrations. You have to be brief so that you can mention more illustration for each point and manage to finish within the word limitation as provided by the Institute.
  • Check the structure and the word limit. Accordingly make the necessary editing and corrections.

You need to make your essay informative and write it in a way that interests the reader to read it. Do ample research to come up with new and updated information. If you write about common and known facts then the reader will be least interested to read your essay. Keep it simple and easy to understand. Be natural, original and unique.

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