Choosing an unusual topic for your school narrative essay

A narrative essay is a form of story-telling by the writer about themselves. You can talk about an experience, ideas you may have, or even your opinion on something. You can share something that is interesting for readers while being creative with your storyline. In the end you can share what happened, what you learned, or leave it open-ended for readers to wonder about what could have been. Since there are elements a narrative essay should have, your topic selection should help you achieve such requirements no matter how unusual your topic may be.

How to Get Creative with Your Narrative Essay Idea

Unusual topics can be fun and interesting while involving the reader. You should consider ideas that allow for creativity while being different and original. In some cases you may want to think outside of the box and instead of writing an essay based on a personal experience, consider an idea that is funny or a past experience you can’t get over. Something unusual can be challenging to write because you want to share details in a way readers can relate to.

Using Your Imagination to Come Up with Something Different

Sometimes it is a matter of thinking about the assignment from a different perspective. Would you like to invent something, have superpowers, or want to make changes to your favorite television show? Maybe you can write about something you often daydream about such as winning the lottery, being a millionaire, or living in a certain part of the world. You could consider concepts more down to earth such as what you would like to change about your current job or talk about your favorite meal and how it became the food you have to have.

Keep In Mind What a Narrative Essay Needs When Choosing Your Topic

Your topic selection should help you write your essay and still meet requirements. This can give you some idea on which topics to consider and what to avoid. Your essay should provide a sequence of activities related to the event. You should provide details such as events, places, and people related to help create a plot and character setting for readers. Present content from your personal standpoint. Show conflict, contrast, and tension to create a climax to keep readers interested. Have a main idea or purpose that serves as to why this topic is important.

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