Persuasive Essay Examples For 6th Grade: Where To Get Those

Essays can come in several different varieties. To write persuasively you will need to convince the reader or listener that the point you are promoting in an argument is the right one. This is not always an easy task. You may even find yourself directed to support a view that you oppose just to get better practice.

Another way that you can excel is by reading examples of good persuasive essays. If you have not completed any of your own that can help you, consider checking the following sources to get what you need:

The teacher

Your teacher should be just as interested in your progress as you are if not more so. Ask him or her to see samples of the type of writing he or she would like you to produce. You may end up getting many different pieces to work with because teachers tend to keep samples of work that has impressed them over the years. Take as many as you need and remember to say thank you.

The text book

This source will not always be helpful to you but it is worth a shot. Some of the text books that describe writing styles contain a few sample pieces to give a better idea of how to complete them on your own. If you have a text book on hand, check it for samples.

The library

A library may contain a few alternate text books that can be of use to you. It can also have a few sample essays that teachers have placed there for students to access without having to seek them out. A librarian can confirm this for you.

Older siblings

If you are the youngest in your family, you may be able to ask your older siblings for access to work they have completed previously. This may not be very useful to you if they were poor students at your age but even bad papers can be helpful if they show you what not to do.


Just as with siblings, the quality of work you can get from your friends may not always be trustworthy. Then there will be times that they surprise you. Get used to showing them your essays and looking at theirs so you can all progress.v

Any of these sources can yield the type of samples you need. Just remember that persuasion is about more than writing ability.

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