10 Helpful Ideas For Writing An Essay On Self-Respect

Self esteem is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the modern world. Many people feel compelled to put forward an attitude that does not reflect their true feelings. This mask is what the Greeks referred to as a ‘persona’ from which we derive the word ‘personality’. Most of us have one personality in public when under what we perceive to be close scrutiny which fades away when we are by ourselves.

Part of self esteem is self respect. This is one of the key aspects of being able to stand up for oneself in the midst of tough situations. If you choose this topic to write your paper on, congratulations, most likely your work will add to a field that needs greater analysis. The following ideas may assist you in your quest:

  1. Do some soul searching so that you understand the extent to which you feel respect towards yourself.
  2. Define the term ‘respect’ clearly for the purpose of your essay to make sure you and the reader stay on the same page.
  3. Look at the factors that are likely to make a person more confident over the long run.
  4. Look at factors that rob people of their confidence on a daily basis with a specific focus on age, gender and other differences.
  5. Think about the actions that people who lack self respect are more likely than others to engage in.
  6. Consider ways that people who lack conventional support groups can reach out to others who may help them rediscover a sense of self.
  7. List ways that people who notice a lack of confidence in their friends and acquaintances can step in to become supportive.
  8. Consider methods parents can use to stop destructive habits that they see developing in their children and redirect them into more nurturing ones.
  9. Find case studies about people who have become successes despite going through feelings of worthlessness at one point in their lives.
  10. Find case studies of people whose lack of self respect led them to failure or early death.

These ten tips can get you started with your essay by giving you several different directions through which you can analyze the idea of self and how it becomes less worthy to an individual over time due to certain experiences. You may benefit not just in terms of writing more thoroughly but also by gaining a better understanding of your own emotions.

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