Is it possible to get a proofread essay example for free?

Students today need more than just a lesson in essay writing to understand the process of writing a high quality essay. Most students today need to see samples and they need to analyze the samples. Instructors can no longer simply assign an essay and ask their student to proofread and edit their essays. They need to give students samples. Without samples, students often have no idea what to do, especially when it comes to knowing what to edit. They need to see what a first draft looks like and how different an edited draft looks from the original. This often requires instructors to actually write an essay, proofread it, and edit it so their students can see the process.

Teachers Can Use Free Essay Examples to Teach the Writing Process

Teachers that would prefer finding a free essay to use instead of writing their own should be able to find several. There are many websites that provide free essays, but not all of them have gone through the procedures of showing the different steps of drafting, proofreading, and revising. Teacher can still take those free essays and use them for think-alouds to show their students how to proofread. Students do not need to know that their teachers did not write their essays that they use to show the writing process, so using a free essay is a great way for a teacher to save a significant amount of time and still be able to effectively teach a lesson.

Students Can Use Free Essay Examples as Essay Models

When students are looking for a proofread essay example, they should be able to find free copies. It is important for students to only use free essay examples as examples only and for no other reason. They should never turn in a free essay example, even if it is proofread and revised. Students should always remember that if they can find a free essay example, so can their instructors. When students turn in those examples as their own work, they are very likely to be accused of plagiarism and possibly expelled from school. It can be inviting to turn in the essay examples as a way to avoid having to do any work, but the possibility of being caught should outweigh the opportunity of getting away with doing nothing. Use free essays as models to emulate and for nothing more.

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