An Elaborate Guide on How to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Expository Essay

Writing a good introduction for an expository essay involves answering four pertinent questions for the reader. If your essay is aimed at 500 words, then your introduction should contain about 60 - 80 of those words. Using the following four point checklist will help you cram in enough detail to pull off a high-scoring introduction.

Background – What you are expositing?

Give your reader the publication topic that you are expositing as well as some details about the general field of study. If you can fit it in, furnish your reader with some background information and try to merge that in with the other three points mentioned below.

Source – Where you are getting your information?

Now you can tell your reader what publication—and section—you are expositing in your essay. Consider giving a short description of the author’s style and purpose in the writing, but only if space allows you to do so.

Intent – What are you attempting to prove?

There has to be a purpose to your expository essay:

  • Are you trying to explain a section of text better?
  • Are you speculating about what the author was trying to say?
  • Do you intend on elaborating

Keep in mind what your purpose is and even write it down so that you don’t go off track. 80 words isn’t a lot of space to say something that isn’t relevant, so determine your point and stick to it.

Direction – What is your path of discovery?

At the end of your introduction you can make a short mention of the method you are using to exposit. Avoid telling your reader that everything you write is simply your opinion. Back up your facts with a pre-mentioning of your methodology and set the reader’s mind at ease about where you’re getting your explanations from.

Keep that introduction interesting and utilize every word space to make a relevant point. Details are important to include in your essay introduction, but make sure that all details have a purpose. Try to find a way to merge these points in with each other. As already mentioned, you don’t have that much space to waste, so try to use as few words as possible to say as much as you possibly can.

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