Monitoring Hurricanes

There are several things that happen when monitoring hurricanes. Weather specialists use special technology to track and predict their movements. This information is shared with the public when there is danger of a hurricane making landfall. Some hurricanes do not hit land depending on where they develop. This aspect is also studied to help researchers understand how they form and their potential for creating destruction. During hurricane season these storms are given a name and they are watched very closely as their movements are tracked until it weakens. Hurricane season is when most hurricanes are monitored and predicted.

The average person may not monitor hurricanes like weather professionals do. Some may do so for the interest in wanting to learn more about their development. Others may monitor hurricanes when their homes are being threatened. They may monitor the storm to track where it will come ashore and possible weather that comes with it. A number of hurricanes bring strong winds, damaging storms and flood potential. Others may develop into a strong storm but weaken before it makes landfall. Most people will rely on weather forecasts to help them monitor the pending storm.

Weather forecasters use technology to help them track hurricanes. They have different types of technology that help them track storm movements. There are hurricane hunters that use special aircraft to fly into hurricanes. They collect information that tells them wind speed, thunderstorm and rain activity, pressure and more. They share this information with weather organizations that analyze the storm development. This information eventually gets made into a weather forecast with the use of weather models (equipment) predict where the storm will move next. Data from other storms in the past help weather forecasters understand their movement and danger potential. This element allows them to make better predictions when monitoring hurricanes to help others prepare ahead of the storm.

Hurricanes develop quickly even though they take time to strengthen. Watching their movement on a radar screen can be interesting as they vary in development and strength. Monitoring these storms often requires a considerable amount of knowledge. People in the path of a hurricane will want to know as much information as possible so they know what to expect. Weather forecasters can carry a great amount of pressure when they predict a storm to hit. Thanks to upgrades in technology they are able to make predications with more confidence.

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