The Role of Communication in the 21st Century

Who can imagine the everyday life without communication and cooperation with other people? Every day we work together with hundreds of people without even realizing it. Globalization and development of modern technologies made it easier for us to stay connected to the people that are important to us even being thousands kilometers away from them. Modern people have become so engaged in the society, that normal existence without it is no longer possible.

Earlier, when the progress has not made such a big step yet, most of the people only communicated with the small group of people in their town or village and it was more than enough for them to live. They managed to exchange the necessary products either within their small society, or trade with the same small groups that surrounded them. Only few people in the whole country may have had connections with other countries or provinces.

But it is no longer the case. With the development of the modern world, people are becoming more and more developing on the communication with other countries and nations. World demands have reached a level, when it is no longer possible to survive only with what one country has. Trade among countries is now making a billions turnover in a year. More than that, international communication and cooperation is very important for the experience exchange in all of the branches of science and culture. For instance, exchanging scientific knowledge between doctors of different countries can help in saving more and more lives with every year.

Communication is valuable not only on high levels, but also on personal. People nowadays travel much oftener, try to learn as much as possible about other cultures and nations, make friends all over the world and want to stay connected to them. If you want to get a good, well-paid job, graduating in a good university is no longer enough. Doing your internship abroad and speaking one or several foreign languages is a key to success.

Our world has grown to that measures that being alone is no longer possible. In your everyday life you exchange at least several words with couple dozens of people. And it takes much more to make your life comfortable even without your knowledge about it. Scientists all over the world try to make it so that robots and computers will take human’s place in everyday life and will do the entire job for them. Until it is not true, communication among people will still be a big deal.

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