Examination Pressure On Students 

Examination pressure on students can cause a great deal of anxiety. Anxiety can hit you at the worst of times. It can happen in the middle of a meeting at work, during the recital that your child is performing in, or while you're just out shopping. When it happens, you hope the feeling will pass quickly, and that nobody else will notice. If you do suffer from anxiety, you're far from alone - many people suffer from this condition, and those that do often in silence.

While anxiety is often triggered by specific stress-inducing events and situations, it can also sometimes happen without any apparent cause. The symptoms of anxiety can vary from person to person, and even with the same person can be different from one attack to the next. Some of the things commonly associated with anxiety attacks include breathlessness, a feeling of tightness in the chest, confusion, dizziness, a heightened heartbeat, a queasy or upset stomach, and a general desire to escape. It's no surprise, therefore, that anxiety can be a scary and debilitating condition to those that suffer from it.

There are, however, things that individuals can do to in order to make anxiety easier to endure, and the foremost thing is to understand the anxiety's root causes. This approach, recommended by many therapists, generally begins with identifying the thoughts and feelings that immediately preceded the anxiety attack. Making a note of what the environment was like may also be helpful. It can help to drink tea or water during stressful times to keep your body and brain functioning.

After you have determined what the cause of the anxiety is, you should try challenging it. If, for instance, it is caused by a fear of danger, just stop and ask yourself if you really are in danger. You should keep in mind, however, that while understanding its causes may make anxiety easier to deal with, it won't necessarily make it go away entirely. If you struggle with anxiety, you should not be ashamed to seek help if you need it.

It is important for students to realize that as exams approach it is in their best interest to find ways to recognize examination pressure and to properly deal with it. Taking frequent breaks during studying can be of great assistance. It is also good to realize that the root cause is examinations and to try challenging the cause of your stress a little at a time.

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