The Rise of Divorces in Society

One hundred years ago, going to the church to get married literally meant living together “till death do us apart.” There were numerous religious and social restrictions that did not let married couples divorce, even if the spouses hated each other immensely. Though uncomfortable in many ways, the aforementioned norms kept people together, preventing their children from living in one-parent households and struggling from the stress of losing a parent. Nowadays, a most of these restrictions are no longer applicable in many places, divorces are virtually destroying the structure of society. This is evident particularly in well-developed countries, and a solution must be found before it is too late.

One way to deal with the situation would be to ensure that a young couple dates for at least one year before getting married. Obviously, when men and women see each other on daily bases, they get to know the shortcomings their partners have and make decisions on whether to accept them or not. It is also possible that some of the discovered shortcomings can eventually disappear or become less annoying. Furthermore, the couple may try living together to clear up whether they can keep house together.

Steps should also be taken to save the marriages that are about to break into pieces. There are various ways to salvage a marriage; such as visiting a family relationships expert, marriage counselling, having a second honeymoon, looking through old photos and videos, etc. They help the possible divorcees renew efficient communication with each other. As a result, the spouses get the chance to discuss resentments and complaints they have, remember the feelings they shared, get to know each other anew, and possibly make a decision to stay together.

One final suggestion, which would help enormously, is to renew the system of traditional religious values. Children need to be taught from an early age that marriage is something that happens once and forever. Consequently, they will spend more time trying to find someone who shares a lot in common with them. It is a well-known fact that families where spouses have the same educational, religious, and social backgrounds tend to divorce less.

To sum it up, there are several measures that could be taken to decrease to divorce rates in modern society. If couples take the helpful steps to save their marriages, or make sure they marry the right person, it would make the divorce rates go down rather than soar.

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