Why Are Cultures Different?

The way that many people learn to live is determined by their location. Cultural differences vary from different factors. But one of the most distinct concepts on why are cultures different is basically on physical geography as it affects every people’s beliefs, practices, and lifestyle activities that create a new way of living. The geographic location of a certain community is linked to how people respond to their environment which is called cultural ecology. This cultural ecology, in response to a given location, addresses the context of how people adapt to their environment’s climate, vegetation, and landforms in order to form a community that promotes a certain belief and create interpersonal understanding. Geography determines the person’s sense of individualism upon which he/she could eventually create a distinct cultural identity, nationality, and community services that is in connection with his/her life. Furthermore, the frequent interaction of close communities had led to a certain degree of cultural and political integrity. Some people may have restricted environment in which every person creates a unique way of connecting to the surrounding which progresses to the development of daily habits, norms, values, and attitude needed for survival that sets a good standard of promoting a new whole way of culture. Geographic location along with the climate determines how a person or a certain community enhances its lifestyle that sets the first step of promoting the standards of cultural differences. Another point of cultural difference is by the terms of colonialism. Colonialism does not specifically contribute to a certain culture but it is the one that shaped communities to form a certain culture with a distinctive belief, value, and law. Colonialism fabricated every beginning and ending of a culture. It has formed societies and division. Different types of colonialism proceeds to a different kind of culture – from East to West; European to Asian; in both male and female. Colonialism takes into account the concept of cultural difference. A variety of colonizers gives control over a number of communities and gives a degree of regulation and control. Colonialism gives cultural formation and progression and culture is a form colonial transformation. Therefore, different colonizers give off different culture, different norm, different language, and different aspect of life and learning. A distinct colonizer created a distinct history in their conquered territory and they did lead an appropriate domain of difference among other cultures. Both aspects of traditions and modernizations are different in every culture as by linkage to different regulations of colonizers. Different degrees of colonialism in different communities provided a different political and economic domination of an established culture.

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