5 Suggestions For Writing An Argumentative Essay On The Yellow Wallpaper

Writing an argumentative essay without a hitch is a useful skill. This type of writing presents the author’s argument supported by relevant evidence. A strong argumentative essay convinces the reader of a particular point of view. Professors often ask students to write their papers on The Yellow Wallpaper written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. This story discussed the women’s status in the 19th century, bringing out the oppression of women. In order to compose a strong assignment, follow the 5 suggestions below:

  1. Understand what you should write about.
  2. You should understand the purpose of such an assignment is to fully investigate an issue, study different opinions regarding the topic, and develop your own position. Before you start writing your essay, you should read The Yellow Wallpaper and gather some materials about the political feminism. Remember to take notes and use different resources.

  3. Select a strong topic.
  4. You should choose an arguable topic that is interesting to you. For example, you can analyze how the story will change if it was told by a male narrator; discuss the relationship between creativity and madness; and describe the gender roles that existed at that time. To get inspired, you can visit the school’s library to get sample papers written by other students or find a list of sample topic ideas.

  5. Structure your argument.
  6. Your argument should be well-structured and effectively presented throughout the paper. A title is a “preview’ for your essay. A thesis statement should clearly indicate your position. An introduction should briefly explain your topic idea and provide the necessary background information. Body paragraphs should cover both your argument and counterarguments.

  7. Choose appropriate quotes to support your point of view.
  8. You can use quotations from the story as supportive statements. Keep in mind that it is important to introduce a quote using your own words. Usually, a quote is put into quotation marks following by a parenthetical in-text citation at the end of the quote that refers to a source listed in the reference list. You can also paraphrase it. Check your paper requirements to format the quotes correctly since the formatting styles differ.

  9. Revise your writing.
  10. No matter whether you support the Jane’s argument or John’s believes, you should take a step back after the paper is ready to check whether your own argument is solid and the evidence is provided to the point. It is also necessary to ensure that you meant what you actually written. Take your time to catch grammar and spelling mistakes and check the formatting style.

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