How to write a comparison essay - 10 things to remember

A comparison essay is one of the most common required to be produced by students. Like any essay however, it's possible to write a poor compare and contrast essay. Doing the proper research, knowing the structure of your essay and always writing directly to the topic are just as relevant in this type of essay as in any other. And of course, editing and proofreading your finished comparison essay is vital.

Here are 10 steps you can take, ten things to remember to help make your comparison essay the best it possibly can be.

  • Write a short introduction and certainly no more than three sentences.
  • You must show similarities as well as differences in your three body paragraphs.
  • Your thesis statement must list every part of the question or title of your comparison essay.
  • Your argument must consider every aspect of your thesis statement in an even handed approach. Aim for balance.
  • You must be able to substantiate every claim you make in your comparison essay. You must have relevant and credible evidence to back up all your claims.
  • Your comparisons must have at least two examples.
  • Your essay must show a link between the local situation and the global situation.
  • Your conclusion is often the best place to properly illustrate the connection between the local and global situations.
  • Your conclusion must not simply repeat what you have said before in the essay. It must be interesting and detail your points in a new way. You must not introduce any new material, any factual material, in your conclusion.
  • Your conclusion must specifically relate to your thesis statement made at the beginning of your comparison essay.

One of the best ways to create an outstanding comparison essay is to study what has already been done. Find examples of comparison essays - your school or college library may well have plenty of such examples - and study these works. Why have these comparison essays received such a high mark? What has the tutor or marker said in their comments about these essays? How do these essays compare in light of the ten points to remember listed above?

One of the easiest ways to improve your comparison essay writing results is to follow the points in this article and tick them off once they are complete.

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