A list of creative college essay topics

The whole thing about a creative college essay is that it needs to be slightly out of left field, it needs to be a topic which is created seemingly by thinking outside the square. Writing the creative essay is so much easier when the topic you choose is itself creative. That is, it lends itself to bright ideas, unusual ideas and even to being a little bit wacky. Don’t be afraid to be quirky when looking for a truly creative essay topic.

Of course the basics of the creative college essay remain the same. The principles of you choosing the topic wisely and well, creating an outline a plan and doing plenty of relevant research or brainstorming or both to collect ideas, have always been in vogue. You do not throw out the baby with the bath water. But still in using the basic fundamentals, you look for a topic which lends itself to writing something creative. The topic leads you towards some interesting and hopefully exciting ideas.

And if you can choose a topic which is both creative and has a strong link to you, then you may well be on a serious winner. For instance, if you can choose a creative topic around which you can easily speak or choose a situation or event in your life, you have the immediate advantage of knowing the topic intimately. You can bring it to life. And it is a well-known fact that anybody writing about something with which they have an interest, a passion or a personal experience, is more likely to write enthusiastically and produce something which is genuinely of interest.

So here are a collection of creative college essay topics. Feel free to use one or more yourself or better still, feel free to use them as the basis of a brainstorming session where you create even more creative college essay topics.

  • so-and-so is a person who has changed my life
  • this is the one event which I wish had never happened in my life
  • the title of my autobiography is as follows
  • my favourite film is such and such
  • if I had to change my name it would be this
  • advice that I would give to someone who is about to start high school
  • if I could travel back in time, the place I would like to visit is this

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