Guide to writing a basic essay on any topic

Using an outline to write your essay can help you get it written no matter what your topic is about. This is because most essays follow a basic structure that includes organizing points into three main sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay may include 5 paragraphs but you can break them down into smaller sections to help you write about your topic. The following points provide a basic idea on how to write your essay.

The Introduction Paragraph and Points to Mention

Your introduction is roughly one paragraph in length. It often starts with an opening sentence that hooks the reader. A thesis statement may also be required; this is the main idea or purpose for why the essay is being written. You will present information that introduces the topic and give readers an idea of what to look forward to as they continue reading the essay. The last sentence in the paragraph may have a transitional sentence to lead readers to the next paragraph. You will present details related to your main point and set the tone for readers as you work to prove your argument.

Body Paragraphs and Points to Mention

The third, fourth, and fifth paragraphs are considered the body of the essay. For each paragraph you will have one main point to discuss along with supporting details. Each of these points relate to the main point mentioned in the introduction. Each of these paragraphs at the end should have a transitional sentence to help readers connect each paragraph with one another. You will provide supporting details that back up the main point mentioned in the paragraph. As you write your body paragraphs you want to make sure you provide enough details that show how they are related to main idea.

Conclusion Paragraph and What to Mention

Your conclusion brings the topic to a close. You restate your main idea or thesis. You can also restate supporting points from the body paragraphs. You are summarizing your points but not necessarily rewriting them again. You mention information you want readers to remember but in many cases you avoid mentioning any new information. The last sentence should help close the topic. Some find writing the conclusion challenging because some details mentioned may leave readers wondering if there is more to the subject.

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