A List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics About The Western Civilization

An argumentative essay is an essay that works to prove a point about something. You will want to argue your side of an issue. When you are dealing with this type of essay, you may choose to write it on a topic that is controversial because then there is a lot of information to support either side that you want to choose. The topic doesn’t necessarily have to be controversial but it does have to be debatable. You can’t write about a topic that is a fact and dispute a fact.

When you are writing about Western civilization, you can choose to write a paper based on any era. It really just has to be something that you are interested in and something that you can come up with a strong issue to discuss. Here are some ideas that will help you choose what you want to write your paper on. Make sure that you have a strong conviction for one side or the other for any topic that you choose to write about. You won’t be able to write an effective paper on a topic that you sit the fence about or one that you don’t have an opinion on.

  1. Who built Stonehenge
  2. Judaism is the official religion
  3. Brutality of ancient warfare
  4. Strength of the Holy Roman Empire
  5. Italian culture: Expressively in their communication
  6. Strength of early European Monopolies
  7. Pericles view of the city-state
  8. Most influential laws in Ancient Greece
  9. Fetal rights and abortion
  10. Abortion and the Catholic Church

You will need to choose a side of an issue related to these topics and argue your side. You will need to create an outline to start this process off so that you can make sure that your ideas are developed correctly. It is a great way to ensure that you stay on topic and that you present your ideas in a manner that makes it so that you can prove that your side is the correct side. Do not forget to include a rebuttal paragraph. This is where you will present the view of the opposition and specific facts to refute it. It is very important that you include this paragraph. It is one that sets it apart from other essay styles. You will need to make sure that you choose a side and work hard to convince your audience that you side is the right side by using evidence and not opinions.

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