Learning how to Write Academic Essays - Catch the Attention of Your Reader from the Start

If there is only one secret to the art of writing a good or very good academic essay it is preparation. Of course the introduction to any essay is important if not very important. But you won't write a good introduction unless the overall essay is well planned beforehand.

The many aspects of a good academic essay include the choice of relevant topic, approval of same by your teacher or professor, good and relevant research, sticking to the topic or answering the question, having an outline a plan and knowing how to edit and proofread your finished document. If you follow through on each of those aspects you will go very close to producing an outstanding academic essay. But let's go back to the beginning.

Who will read your essay?

As an academic essay, your writing will be assessed by your teacher or professor in most cases. Put yourself in their shoes. They have to read essay after essay. In some cases it will be an essay on a topic which other students have already written. If that is true then there is a very real risk that the reader of your essay will come down with a serious case of boredom. You want to get the best possible marks for your writing and you won't do yourself any favours by being boring.

One of the best ways to avoid the reader of your academic essay becoming bored is to hit them with a cracking introduction. If you grab their attention right from the start you stand a much better chance of having them keen to read the rest of your essay and then hopefully giving you a very good score. If, on the other hand, you don't grab their attention from the start, it will be hard work for them to read the rest of your essay. It will then be easy work for them to give you a poor or low score. So what is one of the keys to catching their attention?

The thesis statement is everything. It is the raison d'ĂȘtre of your essay. If you can compose a thesis statement which is short and clear you're well on the way to writing an excellent introduction. Just think of your introduction as meeting a person you have never met before. What is your first impression of this person? That is the situation for the reader of your essay. They have never read this essay before. They know nothing about it. The first thing they will do after looking at the topic title is to read the introduction. This is where you need to hook them. Spend the time on the opening sentence. Does it grab the attention of the reader?

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