Facilitating Your Studying Process: College Essay Topics 2013

College essay topics seem to go in cycles. Popular topics come and they go. As you consider your college essay topic, try to separate yourself from the crowd. You do not want a topic that every other person has written. This essay could be for your admissions or for an informal or formal college essay assignment.

Remember your goal is to reveal yourself if you write the informal essay. So that part of the topic will be one of the biggest places where you can show your uniqueness.

With the formal essay, you will have to analyze and support a topic. This will require research.

You also must carefully follow the guidelines for format, word length, and delivery date. Not adhering to any one of these rules can cause your paper to be rejected. It is very important to know upfront if this essay is informal or formal; and if you get to the pick the topic or it will be assigned by the instructor.

Topics for Informal Essays

Below you will find informal topic suggestions. However, you must put your own spin and personal touch in the essay. Your goal is to introduce and sell yourself to the college or make an A+ on the essay.

  • Your bravest moment
  • Your lowest point in life
  • Your biggest accomplishment
  • An unique talent or skill you might have
  • Your goals
  • A lesson learned
  • Travel stories
  • Tradition and culture stories

Topics for Formal Essay

The odds are very great that your teacher will assign your formal essay topic. If the instructor does not, consider comparison and contrast for all academic fields. You can compare scientific discoveries, characters in novels, historic events, and political candidates.

When in a hurry or pressed to pick a topic, you will find the compare and contrast essay is your fiend. Additionally the essay will be fairly easy to write.

Transcends Just College Admissions Essays

Once you are in college, and given an assignment, you will find that these topics work well for any informal essay. For more formal essays, stick to academic topics, current events, trending political conditions, and historical events. With an informal essay, you will not need the MLA or APA format and specifications. However, with formal papers it is very important that you use the given format. Make sure you know upfront what the instructor expectations are and then proceed from there. Good luck!

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