Why Do Empires Fall

Throughout history, there have been great empires that once reigned but have now become a gone case. So what makes an empire that was initially standing begin to crumble? Well, it is obvious that his crumbling starts from within. Before any empire can fall, there are failures that usually take place within. Usually, there is a gradual rot in the system before an empire finally falls. These internal rumbles weaken the fabric that holds the empire together. They hollow out the resolve, vitality, resilience and purpose in the system making it prone to attacks for failure. Therefore, empires fall because of a failure to control and manage attacks in the internal organization of its structure.

One of the challenging things that cause empires to fall is a loss of sight in the institutions of the system concerning the original purpose and mandate of the empire concerning its service to the population. It creeps in slowly and finally the individual units become self-serving. This erosion of the unifying purpose of bringing service for a common good is the issue that members often forget when the empire was all about serving a certain common good. When these games start, the system avoids work and everyone does not want to be accountable. With time, weakness slowly creeps in and then the collapse becomes inevitable.

Corruption is also a major cause of downfall. It compromises the systems and structures of the empire. When a status quo that is corrupt finds its base in the empire, every other individual becomes corrupt and the focus starts to shift. Personal ambitions and interests start to override national goals and objectives. At this point, the fabric that holds the empire is put to great danger. Everyone starts to pull on their side and before they know it, the system has completely eroded away because every individual looks to benefit at the expense of the original purpose and resolve.

At the start, empires usually are committed to serve a certain goal and the systems are firmly held together. For lasting success to be realized there must be the interest and determination to stick to the initial intentions of service. A little shift without agreement leads to a compromise that creates lethargy in the system. Soon, the set standards no longer are anything to by. Everyone starts to do as they please and all order is destroyed. These are internal rots that are worsened through corruption. Therefore, the fall of an empire starts from within.

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