Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a famous American singer who rose to prominence during the 1980’s for his pop music. Jackson’s 1982 album thriller is the best selling album of all time, and many of his other albums have been ranked as one of the best selling around the world. Despite his success in the music world, he was a controversial figure outside of it, and many clouds remain over his personal life.

Music Career

Jackson’s music career started at the age of 5, as part of the ‘Jackson 5’, a band composed of Michael and all his brothers, managed by his father. At the start he played the congas, but eventually he started doing vocals for the group. The group went on to have considerable success, with many No.1 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. The Jackson 5 is often cited to be one of the first African-American bands to reach crossover appeal in the US.

Michael Jackson released his first solo album ‘’Off The Wall’’ in 1979 with Epic Records, a label he would continue to record on until his death in 2009. The album was a major breakthrough for Jackson and it received critical acclaim, spring boarding his solo career.

Jackson’s biggest success was his follow up album from ‘’Off The Wall’’: ‘’Thriller’’. The album contained Jackson’s three most well known songs: ‘’Thriller’’, ‘’Billie Jean’’ and ‘’Beat It’’. The album was critically acclaimed, and holds the record for the best selling album of all time, with an estimated 65 million sales.

Jackson continued to have great success in his future releases with ‘’Bad’’, ‘’Dangerous’’, ‘’HIStory’’ and ‘’Invincible’’, which was his final album released in 2001.

Overall Jackson had a very notorious music career and some of his impressive achievements include 13 grammy awards, 26 American Music Awards and more number one singles in the United States than any other solo male artist.

Personal Life

Despite his music career, Jackson’s personal life was clouded with controversy. His insecurity with his ‘’big nose’’, led to him having numerous surgeries, which affected his breathing.

Jackson also was accused of bleaching his skin to lighten his skin complexion, although he denied this claim and said he had a skin disorder called ‘’vitiligo’’, which causes the skin to become pale. Jackson’s autopsy in 2009 confirmed that he indeed had vitiligo.

Jackson was twice accused of child sexual abuse. In the first case in 1993, he settled civil lawsuit filed against him outside of court for $22 million. In 2005 another child sex abuse came out against him, and this time there was ground for criminal charges where he was taken to court, but eventually was acquitted by a jury.

Michael Jackson had a very successful music career spanning several decades, and is described as the King of Pop. He was a cultural icon of his time, and his death in 2009 shocked many around the world. Although he was widely successful, his private life was clouded with controversy.

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