Great Nursing Persuasive Essay Topics: A List Of 20 Good Suggestions

A persuasive essay on any topic requires you to gain steeped knowledge of the issue so that you can take sides and brook arguments. You cannot pick the pearls standing on the shore and you cannot dive deep without learning how to swim. It all somehow leads to learning.

Substance over form

Nowadays, nurses require both qualification and experience to be a prominent part of accredited healthcare centers. Just being the owner of a kind heart and a tending soul is not enough. New technologies have erupted in the field of therapies and you need to be knowledgeable about them.

Rifle resources

The essays you write should throw up a new view to the nursing world; a different perspective and presumably a fresher one. You need to go through certain credible resources to understand what the nuances of nursing are. Bear in mind that it is grossly different to the picture you naturally have in mind. It is a full-fledged career.

Innovate and enlighten

Keep your essays terse and elaborative of the paraphernalia and the requirements towards becoming a thorough nurse. Introduce innovative means to be better at the vocation and weed out errors. Let your essay shed light on the dynamics of nursing.

Here are 20 persuasive essay topics on nursing for your purview –

  1. Given a chance, males can be better nurses than females
  2. Racism looms over the facet of nursing on most fronts
  3. Terminally ill patients suffer more at the hands of ill-equipped nurses than from the disease
  4. The dread of medical negligence keeps away many patients out of the ambit of hospitals
  5. Many patients don’t undergo medical tests for fear that a new and dreadful illness may surface
  6. Lack of communication between doctors and nurses is a major concern
  7. Doctors should be encouraged to write prescriptions in more legible handwriting
  8. Nurses should be trained on each and every life-threatening disease
  9. Many nurses quench from warmly serving patients with skin infection
  10. Incontinence in patients is an issue that bothers a lot of nurses
  11. Most nurses are ill-read on post-traumatic care
  12. Most nurses are hired on basis of nepotism and this leads to cases of negligence
  13. Nurses should be made to pay for geriatric falls within the hospital campus
  14. Write a persuasive essay on nursing
  15. Nurses cannot afford to be partial towards certain patients
  16. Nurses should be offered in-house quarters to ensure round the clock availability
  17. An intelligent nurse is more than a handful
  18. A dimwit nurse can spoil the broth
  19. It is the quality of nurses that eventually raises the standard of a healthcare center.
  20. Nurses should be taught to foster warm and frank relations with patients and their relatives

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