The Top 20 Essay Topics For Lord Of The Flies

Are you in the process of writing an essay on Lord Of The Flies, but can’t think of a good quality essay topic? Then take the time to familiarize yourself with the best places online where you can find the best topics out there. By selecting a topic that you like, you’ll increase your chances of getting the top grade. However, if you have no time to search for a suitable topic, then here are 20 that you can use for inspiration:

  1. Top reasons why Lord of the Flies was such a successful book?

  2. Who was the most interesting character in Lord of the Flies?

  3. Why was the story behind Lord of the Flies so captivating?

  4. Compare and contrast the characters Simon And Ralph – why was one good and the other bad?

  5. How did Jack’s use of the beast allow the other boys in the story to be controlled?

  6. What changes could be made to Lord of the Flies to make it more interesting?

  7. How would you describe the island in the Lord of the Flies?

  8. What were the main conflicts among the boys in the Lord of the Flies?

  9. Make a case for why Piggy was the most resourceful of all the characters in the book.

  10. What could have been added to the island to make the story a more interesting one?

  11. How did the writer make the characters different to provide variety in the book?

  12. What is the most interesting part of the book: beginning, middle or end?

  13. How could the ending of the book have been more interesting?

  14. What section of the book did you feel added the least amount of interest to the story?

  15. Add one more character to the Lord of the Flies, and describe him.

  16. What role did the beast have in the Lord of the Flies?

  17. What lessons can be learnt from the Lord of the Flies

  18. Who was the Lord of the Flies movie as good as the book?

  19. Compare all the boys in the Lord of the Flies.

  20. What elements could have been added to the book to create more tiwst and turns in the story?

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