A List Of Top 10 Descriptive Essay Topics For College Students

What does the word ‘describe’ means? Describe means illustrating an object, a person, a feel and even a smell in words. Descriptive essays are no different. They help to illustrate a topic to the readers. The author can paint a picture about the topic in reader’s minds. It is the illustrative language used in this type of writing helps the readers to have a clear picture about the topic. The reader will never find it boring while reading a descriptive essay.

Prime focus

Descriptive essays focus on one subject in the entire document. The author will detail every aspect which can be related to the topic in the document. The major goal is to enlighten the readers and keep them engaged throughout the passage.

Choosing details

Once you get the topic, list down the specific instances or pieces of information about the subject that you want to bring up. There will be plenty of information and points about a topic. Hence it is important to choose the right points. Avoid the unwanted or unimportant points and select the important points.

Discussing the detail

The major aim of discussing the detail is to create a sufficient mental image for the readers. The reader should know the importance of the details. The author is ought to explain every characteristics using senses. The reader should get a clear impression of the characteristics given in the essay.

10 descriptive essay topics

Selecting the right topic is very important in the cases of descriptive essays. The author should only select a topic, which he is confident. Never attempt on a topic which is out of your subject area. Here are lists of the few topics, which are suited for college students.

  1. The experience of learning a foreign language.
  2. Environmental degradation caused by human activity.
  3. Describe your favourite sport.
  4. Selecting a college and future course.
  5. A personality you would like to resemble.
  6. The most interesting place to live in the world.
  7. The best day of your life.
  8. Favourite character from the favourite novel.
  9. Importance of family planning.
  10. Favourite holiday destination.

Writing essays in descriptive format is not at all easy, even on your best days. When you finish your writing, read it critically and see if it achieved to the intended level. If it doesn’t reach to your expectation level, redraft it immediately. Always give your writing to an expert third party for suggestions.

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