A Piece Of Advice On Writing A Comparative Essay On 1984

What is a comparative essay?

A comparative essay is a piece of academic writing- where a student has given more than one subject to compare. Sometimes, a comparative article only puts emphasis on the comparisons between the topics, keeping the ‘contrast’ part unmentioned. The two subjects may belong to any genre- literature, social observations, nature and so on. Comparative articles are generally assigned to students from elementary/high schools and in the first year of college.

Why writing a comparative essay on 1984 is crucial?

1984 is a dystopian novel by George Orwell. It deals with the controversial aspects like dictatorship of state, prying into the private lives of citizen by the government, change of political ideology to name few. If you are assigned with the task of writing a comparative article on 1984 and any other notable novel from the same genre, treat this opportunity as a real stimulating challenge.

5 tips to write a comparative essay on 1984

  • Understand the prompt correctly
  • Before you start writing, understanding the prompt of the article is highly necessary. If you are given ‘1984’ as a topic, then there has to be another similar novel with to compare with. You may need to zero upon this only after understanding thoroughly what’s asking from you.

  • Set up the context of comparison
  • Creating the proper backdrop for comparison is another crucial aspect of comparative analysis. As there is a word-limit, you won’t be able to manage incorporating so many aspects in one article. Are you comparing between the styles of writing? Usage of language and idioms? Or psychological aspects? Reading and researching about the topics will give you much insight.

  • Prepare a simple outline
  • Preparing a simple outline will come handy, when you will write the final draft. You may include the mandatory parts of an article (introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion) in your rough draft. Or you may just do it by putting bullet points. This outline will show you- how your analysis will be panned out in a structure way.

  • Write down the thesis statement
  • Once you are done writing the outline, prepare the thesis statement first. In this part, you will show the reader why you have chosen these two topics for your analysis and on what accounts you will do the study.

  • Be careful about the styling of paragraphs
  • Do you want to compare the two topics in an alternative paragraph way? Or in a more conventional method? Studying the distinguished styles of comparative analysis will come to your rescue here.

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