19 Great Argumentative Essay Topics On Homelessness

If you are struggling to come up with the topic about those who have no home consider these great suggestions below:

  1. One of the first great argumentative topics on homelessness is why some people choose to be homeless

  2. You can explore the high propensity of mental illness that exists among the homeless community in your area as one of the 19 great argumentative essay topics on homelessness

  3. Another one of the great argumentative essay topics on homelessness is how many people who are homeless had careers and families at one point in their life but it was certainly decisions that led them to this place.

  4. You can explore how psychiatric facilities were shut down by the government during the Nixon presidency and those who were part of the psychiatric facility were simply given prescription medications and left on the street, making up the vast majority of the homeless population found in America today.

  5. You can review the high propensity of drug use as a form of self-medication among the mentally ill population in America

  6. As one of the 19 great argumentative essay topics on homelessness you can explore the effectiveness of groups which visit homeless populations and distribute clothing or food.

  7. You can review the effectiveness of single apartment buildings sustained in large homeless populations

  8. You can review the social bonds that form between people who are homeless in a given community review how there is no proper housing establishment for single adults

  9. You can review the difficulty that low income single adults have when their paycheck from Social Security or medical payouts is only a few hundred dollars per month and there are no housing options for single adults that meet this amount of money.

  10. As one of the 19 great argumentative essay topics on homelessness you can focus on different policies instigated in Los Angeles, for example and how the police attempted to deal with minor issues under the auspices that alleviating minor criminal activity would naturally alleviate bigger crime but in reality arresting people for sitting on a crate or loitering on the street did nothing to effectively eliminate serious crime.

  11. You can focus on how gentrification worsens housing problems among the homeless.

  12. Review how converting buildings into condominiums makes them no longer affordable and forces the people on the street.

  13. You can review different political activist groups which currently monitor the behavior of police toward homeless populations

  14. You can explore the use of section 8 housing

  15. Review the impact of religion

  16. Review the unsanitary conditions homelessness creates

  17. Review assaults and crime among homelessness

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