Five Process Paper Composing Steps

Writing a paper can be a difficult task. It’s important to have your facts right, to format is correctly, and to make it relevant. So here are a few key steps to get your article written.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan It is vitally important to make a plan before you even start writing. A good plan will outline your chapter headings, it will have a synopsis of each chapter and it will outline broad ideas. When you get stuck, and you will at some point get stuck, you can always go back to your plan and work out how to overcome your block.
  • Have a Routine Set aside time each and every day to write. Crack out the next part of your plot and hammer it home. A good routine can help you overcome writer’s block and will help you to finish your paper.
  • Set Goals, Reward Yourself, Don’t Burn Out Goals will keep you focused. Allow yourself to finish after hitting a certain word count or finishing off an idea. When you complete a goal, give yourself a reward. It can be as simple as a bar of chocolate or a cup of coffee, or maybe allow yourself to go out for a night or have a trip away for the weekend. Importantly, don’t suffer from burnout. You can do too much too soon and end up getting nothing done. Take breaks when you need them, but always remember to go back it and stick to your plan.
  • Stick to the Topic Avoid rambling at all costs. There’s nothing that will kill a paper quicker than a tangent. It’s ok to expand ideas, to cover new ground, but try to stay on topic. A reviewer will immediately notice if you’re going off track and they will penalise you for it, so stick to your plan, stick to your ideas, and don’t veer off.
  • Believe in Yourself There’s nothing worse than not believe in your own ability. If you pick a topic you love and you set out a plan to get it done, then you should have no problem. Stay focused, stick to your goals, keep up the chin and you will fly through your paper. If you believe in your own topic that will shine through and your reviewer will believe in it also.

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